Enjoy and Protect

Communicating the value of Boulder’s open space

Strategic Storytelling

Crafting stories to inspire the imagination and stir the heart

I am an experienced storyteller with a long record of developing and implementing successful integrated communications strategies that have helped organizations to realize their strategic objectives.

Communications and Marketing

Award-winning communications and marketing plans have helped groups and organizations to achieve their strategic objectives.

Strategic Planning Research

Messaging and media research has formed the basis of numerous successful and award-winning communications campaigns.

Messaging and Storytelling

Story framing and messaging experience can help you to craft compelling stories that will connect with your audiences.

Community Engagement Strategies

Engagement and communication strategies have helped to create community-driven public land management plans.

Journalism and Media Relations

Journalism experience and relationships with reporters have led to numerous front-page stories in major American newspapers.

Visual Storytelling Strategies

Still and motion strategies, along with in-depth knowledge of photography, has led to engaging web and social media content.

2017 Public Relations, Creative Awards

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Stills. Motion.

Visual Storytelling

While I tell stories with my words, sometimes I can craft a more engaging story with my film and video cameras.